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Dr. Dibyendu Banerjee is a Gynecologist, Obstetrician, and Urogynecologist in Teghoria, Kolkata and has an experience of 26 years in these fields. Dr. Dibyendu Banerjee practices at Mira's Womens' Healthcare in Teghoria, Kolkata, Charnock Hospital in Teghoria, Kolkata and Apollo Clinic at Salt Lake, Kolkata. Read More
Opening Hours
Monday         11AM – 7PM
Tuesday        11AM – 7PM
Wednesday   11AM – 7PM
Thursday       11AM – 7PM
Friday            11AM – 7PM
Saturday        11AM – 6PM
Sunday                   Closed
Contact Details
Mira's Womens' Health Care
Club Town, Tegharia, Kolkata - 700 059
(Opposite Charnock Hospital)
Contact for appointment
E-mail :drdban@yahoo.co.in


Frequently Asked Questions

Laparoscopy is an operation done to look inside your abdomen with a thin instrument called a laparoscope. Through small holes in your tummy, the doctor looks, examines and operates (if needed) without making large cuts.

In conventional surgery a long incision is made to gain entry into the abdominal cavity and operate. This result in increased post-operative pain, longer stay in hospital, delayed recovery, long and ugly scars, higher chance of wound infection and a higher chance of hernia. The incidence of all these are considerably reduced by a laparoscopic surgery.

A hysteroscopy is an operation done to evaluate the inside of the uterine cavity and if necessary operate on the same.

A narrow telescope with an illuminated lens at its end is introduced in the uterine cavity through the cervix or neck of the womb. For clear vision, the uterine cavity needs to be distended, which is done with gas or some fluid.

Yes, operations performed through a hysteroscope are major surgeries. Complications may range from anesthetic problems to fluid overload issues. However, hysteroscopy for diagnostic purposes may be performed on an outdoor basis.

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